Novi Put Written by  Dec 07, 2018

Learn how to protect yourself! STOP child abuse and human trafficking!

Association Novi put implemented the project “Learn how to protect yourself! STOP child abuse and human trafficking!” funded by the US Embassy to B&H. The project was focused on awarness raising activities targeting the voulnerable categories aimed at reduction of number of trafficked people B&H citizens and victims of child abuse through internet, empowering of potential/genuine victims of THB to seek assistance, as well as strengthening of capacities of relevant anti-trafficking institutions and streamlining of anti-trafficking initiatives and efforts.

Novi Put

Association “New Road”

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Contact Info

  • Association “New Road” was founded by women with many years of experience in the field of prevention of trafficking in BiH, child pornography and domestic violence.
  • Adema Buća 10, 88000 Mostar, B&H
  • tel:+387 36988022
  • mob: +387 61240934
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.