Novi Put Written by  Aug 03, 2020

Provision of direct psycho-social support to children and women victims of violence during and after the Covid-19 pandemic

The covid19 pandemic not only had a negative impact on the economic situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), but also caused a significant increase in cases of domestic violence, the victims of which are mostly women, but also children who are either primary or secondary victims of violence. As a result of this crisis, "Novi put" has faced a significant increase in the number of clients seeking urgent psycho-social counselling. The approved project aimed to:

  • raise awareness about the prevailing forms of violence committed against women and children during Covid-19 pandemic and how to prevent it through continuous online campaign;
  • increase the scope of work of the Counselling Centre of “Novi put” (CC) to provide free of charge services, psycho-social services to victims of violence; and
  • assist 10 socially vulnerable families with packages containing food and hygiene supplies, face masks and disinfectants.
Novi Put

Association “New Road”

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