Novi Put Written by  Dec 06, 2018

HopeOn Regional Anti-Trafficking Campaign

HopeOn is a regional campaign that unites partners across the Western Balkans region who are dedicated to eradication of this criminal offence and brings attention of the wider public to this issue. This campaign is supported by the NGPs from Serbia (Unitas Fond, Atina, ASTRA), Albanija (Arsis, Different and equal, Qendra Psiko-Sociale "Vatra"), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Novi put and Nova Generacija), Croatia (Centar za žene žrtve rata, Udruga Let and Centar za nestalu i zlostavljenu decu), Macedonia (La strada-Open gate and Centar za građansku inicijativ), Montenegro (Kancelarija za borbu protiv trgovine ljudima i Sigurna ženska kuća), and Slovenia (Karistas). United we can!
Novi Put

Association “New Road”

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