Novi Put

The goals, mission, vision

The main objectives of the organization and NP are fighting:

  • Trafficking In Persons and Children
  • Child pornography,
  • Peer violence,
  • Domestic Violence
  • mobbing

and commitment to gender equality

The goals of the Association „New Road“ are::

- Assistance in protecting human dignity, support in preventing and combating child pornography, trafficking in persons and children, and assistance in their integration into the network of psychosocial, economic and legal protection; scientific and professional actions in detecting and providing assistance to the victims of mobbing and affirmation of the positive values in the fields of education, culture, medical, social and child’s protection.

- Participation in the projects combating trafficking in persons and children, child pornography, violence in the family and society, youth violation and mobbing through education and increase in public awareness, organising shelters and therapy centres through connecting, sheltering and psychosocial support.

- Cooperation with bodies in charge and organisations in BiH to accomplish the goals of the Association.

- Launching initiative with institutions and organs in charge of altering laws and legal procedures to accomplish the goals of the Associations.

- Organising, independently or in cooperation with other organisations, of seminars, counselling and training sessions, workshops, round tables, debates and other expert meetings to accomplish the goals and activities of the Association.

- Issuing books, brochures, manuals and other publications to accomplish the goals of the Association.

- Exchanging experiences with similar associations and NGOs in B&H and abroad.



Because we believe that no one should be subjected to violence and discrimination, we provide assistance to potential and real victims of trafficking, mobbing, domestic violence and child pornography.


We would like Bosnia and Herzegovina to be without victims of violence and discrimination of any kind, and that every victim gets adequate assistance in ten years from now.


  • Respecting human rights in accordance with international standards
  • Tolerance and appreciation of differences
  • Working towards the highest standards
  • Dedication and commitmen
Novi Put

Association “New Road”

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Contact Info

  • Association “New Road” was founded by women with many years of experience in the field of prevention of trafficking in BiH, child pornography and domestic violence.
  • Adema Buća 10, 88000 Mostar, B&H
  • tel:+387 36988022
  • mob: +387 61240934
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.