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Project "Improving Institutional Response to Human Trafficking"

From 04.-07.03. we organize two two-day trainings for representatives of competent institutions and civil society organizations, which aims to strengthen the capacity of all actors for more efficient and effective action according to the state referral mechanism.

The state referral mechanism is an institutionalized framework, through which competent actors fulfill their obligations to protect and respect the human rights of victims of human trafficking, by coordinating efforts with civil society. It is a process by which a potential victim of human trafficking is referred to specialized services and through which assistance is provided. The main goals of the referral mechanism are to ensure respect for the human rights of victims of human trafficking and an efficient way to provide the victim with access to available services.

The referral mechanism includes all competent institutions and authorized organizations active in the field of preventing human trafficking in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which act in accordance with the current legislative framework and prescribe procedures for dealing with potential and identified victims of human trafficking in relation to the detection and identification of the potential victim, interviewing the victim and case assessment, communication with competent institutions, determination of the type of accommodation and assistance, transport, accommodation and care in a shelter or other type of alternative accommodation, cooperation of institutions and organizations during accommodation, reintegration, rehabilitation, repatriation and resocialization.
This activity is implemented by the project "Improving the Institutional Response to Human Trafficking", which is supported by the US Government through the USAID/Inspire Human Rights Support Program. Program podrške zaštiti ljudskih prava USAID Inspire
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