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Gender Portrayal and Monitoring of Media in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2015

This report is the outcome of media gender portrayal and representation in stories about gender-based violence and stories about the economy published in two mainstream newspapers in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Dnevni list and Dnevni avaz,
also selected because of their high daily distribution (Dnevni- Daily) and the insistence of each on ethnic predominance, Dnevni list in parts with Croatian-Catholic majority and Dnevni avaz in parts with Bosniac-Muslim majority. It is the part of the project whose purpose is to monitor media gender portrayal and representation in stories about gender-based violence and about the economy in major B&H print, radio, television and internet news media aimed at collecting in-depth qualitative and quantitative data on the said thematic areas and applying the monitoring findings to inform actions for change. The collected evidence will be used for designing of advocacy and awareness raising materials that will be used for discussions at the workshops and applied to build critical media literacy of media audiences to enable them effectively engage with media on gender issues in content. All the findings will be used to achieve more targeted media advocacy aimed at overcoming the existing gender stereotypes and enhanced demonstration of sensibility regarding gender equality in the work of B&H journalists.

DOWNLOAD REPORT: pdf Gender Portrayal and Monitoring in BaH (2.05 MB)
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