Novi Put Written by  Oct 05, 2020

Challenging gender stereotypes and advancing gender equality objectives in news media organizations

Association “Novi put” supported by the World Association of Christina Communications WACC implements the project titled “Challenging gender stereotypes and advancing gender equality objectives in news media organizations“.

The purpose of the project is to develop and implement actions with the support of WACC based on the evidence gathered through systematic media monitoring in order to bring the news media to bear on struggles for gender equality and women’s rights through their policy and practice. Actions implemented based on the evidence that were gathered during already implemented projects will enhance the capacity of BiH news media organizations to produce content that clearly challenges gender stereotypes and advances gender equality objectives. The already collected evidence will be applied to advance gender equality and empower all women and girls, and to lobby news media organizations to adopt and implement gender ethics codes and reporting guidelines on content on the focus areas and to undertake a public awareness and action campaign that engages ordinary audiences to hold their news media accountable for professional and unbiased reporting and portrayal.

Novi Put

Association “New Road”

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